Is bitch better?

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Holy fuck a duck, It’s okay for Kathy to call Teresa’s dad a coward and her mom a liar but its not okay for Teresa to say that her dad was more of a dad then there dad was to them..



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“My money is my money and his money is my money”

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Kathy and Rosie had no reason to be upset. It’s really upsetting how the finger will ALWAYS be pointed right back at Teresa.

It’s okay to talk about your aunt and uncle apparently. If someone called my mother a liar and my father a coward, I’d be HOT with rage. But as soon as she makes a comment JUST as bad about Kathy’s father, suddenly she’s the bad guy, and Rosie loses her shit. Not fair at all. BIGGEST hypocrites ever. Like Teresa said ”THIS IS FAMILY, MA.”

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